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Wearable Laser Lipo Therapy Neck Pain Relief Belt Wrap

Wearable Laser Lipo Therapy Neck Pain Relief Belt Wrap

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Red Light Therapy Infrared Therapy Neck Belt Wearable Laser Lipo Neck Pain Relief For Chin Neck

Product Description

✔15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes timer function
✔Red light and infrared light are controlled together。15 LED lamp beads, 9 660nm red lights. 6 850nm invisible infrared light
✔Advanced environmental protection material, no peculiar smell, soft and skin-friendly, the stains on the surface of the product can be scrubbed with water after use.
✔It is suitable for analgesia, hot compress therapy and massage for neck, arm, knee, leg, abdomen, shoulder and other parts.


Weight loss and Pain Relief:
Affordable red infrared light therapy device can effectively relieve pain without causing harmful side effects.
Relieve Joint and Muscle Pain:
red light therapy device is suitable for back, neck, shoulders, arms, knees, hands,feet. At the same time, it can also help for muscle fatigue and soreness.
Near-Infrared Technology can be used effectively. The thermal energy of near-infrared rays reaches the muscle layer without dispersion and is known for its penetration 12 times deeper than far-infrared rays. It can help to relieve inflammation and pain. Especially, LED belt compact, the size is small, has strong power with dual-LED chips.
Anytime & Anywhere:
LED belt has portable and wearable at the same time. You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere by connecting to a power bank or charging terminal. Enjoy near-infrared therapy at home, at work, in the car, or while hiking, doing yoga, jogging, and doing various activities.
Light with wavelengths from 600nm (the red end of the spectrum) to 1200nm (the near-infrared end of the spectrum) is the optimal range for penetrating tissue. This wavelength range is often referred to as the "treatment window" for laser applications, as shown. While these wavelengths are all within the same penetration range, each wavelength has its own unique properties, each penetrating to a different depth. The main chromophores that absorb light and prevent it from penetrating the target tissue are melanin, hemoglobin, and water. Melanin has a high absorption coefficient, so darker skin absorbs more light, especially those with wavelengths less than 830nm. Wavelengths above 1300 nm are strongly absorbed in water, making it difficult to penetrate. An important parameter of a laser system is to have a suitable wavelength to allow penetration of deep tissue. Wavelengths above 800nm can usually reach suitable depths for the treatment of most musculoskeletal disorders. When treating wounds or shallower cases, shorter wavelengths such as 660nm can be used effectively

Purchase this device and experience a painless, safe, non-toxic, natural body pain relief and weight loss program with no side effects, accelerated tissue recovery, and reduced pain from inflammation and sports injuries. When using the device, it is best to ensure that the hair/skin in the treatment area is clean. It is best to trim the hair in the treatment area, as the light can penetrate more into the tissue.

Portable 660nm+850nm infrared red light double phototherapy - red light can reach the deep layers of the skin, stimulate cell repair, promote blood circulation, and make the complexion more vibrant and youthful. Infrared is invisible to the naked eye and has strong penetrating power. It produces a thermal effect, increases tissue temperature, promotes blood circulation, enhances metabolism, and improves cell viability and regeneration.

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Red Light Therapy at Home

Red light therapy devices for home use have made huge bounds in recent years. Now everyone can use it safely and effectively —and you don’t have to leave your house to reap the benefits. Plus, you can purchase a device at a far lower price than you’d pay for red light therapy at a spa, gym, or dermatologist’s office.