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V Face Lifting Chin Line Up Lift Belt

V Face Lifting Chin Line Up Lift Belt

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V-Line Face Lifting Device Vibration Face Massager Photon Light Therapy EMS Facial Lifting Belt Chin Lift Home Use Devices

Perfectly shape the V-shaped face.This electric v-face shaping massager uses vibration massage, other massage methods to effectively lift and tighten the skin, soothe facial muscles, improve the strength of fine muscles, increase facial elasticity, and tighten facial muscles. And shape a V-shaped face.

V Face Lifting Chin Line Up Belt blue light

V Face Lifting Chin Line Up Belt red light


1.Medical beauty-grade TENS micro-current EMS stimulates the production of ATR, stimulates the human subcutaneous tissue, improves facial muscle fiber elasticity, activates collagen activity, and tightens the skin;

2.Each mode is set with 15 minute operation time, it will stop automatically after 15 minutes;

3.Red light irradiation - repair skin, promote blood circulation, anti-aging, anti-oxidation;

4.6 modes - compact contour, V face shaping, low-frequency magnetic therapy, sterilization and swelling, cleansing acne, photon rejuvenation; You can use the remote controller to effortlessly adjusts the 6 strengths;

5.Blue light irradiation - cleans, sterilizes, and rejuvenates the skin, protects the skin, strengthens skin absorption and repair, balances skin oils, whitens spots, rejuvenates and reduces wrinkles, and shrinks pores.

6.All modes except cleansing acne mode are designed with vibration function to help better lift and shape your face.

How to choose strength level:

Level 1-2: suitable for people who is sensitive and have thin cuticles.

Level 3-4: suitable for people who have used the device for 2-3 weeks and have masseteric hypertrophy and double chins.

Level 5-6: suitable for people who have used the device for 3 months and have wide jawbone.

V Face Lifting Chin Line Up Belt detail

V Face Lifting Chin Line Up Belt light  therapy function


【Smart & widely applicable】Ergonomic design, perfectly fits the contour of the face, the foldable ring shape meets all face shapes, and the length of the headband is adjustable. This instrument uses different intensities of red and blue alternately to make the skin glow and effectively improve facial lines and double chin.

【Easy to Use and Carry】 You Can Adjust the Intensity According to Your Needs, Just Wear It for 10 Minutes While Reading, Sleeping, Watching Tv or Doing Housework. Small and light, It is suitable for use in offices, homes, and travel, and is convenient for facial massage anytime, anywhere.The remote control of the product cannot be used normally, and the battery needs to be replaced.

【V Face Instrument】The 180° circle design closely fits the chin curve and wraps around symmetrically, making it more effective for tightening and lifting.Start with the lowest gear first. Gradually increase as you get used to it.

【Perfect Improvement】Improve double chin and prevent sagging cheeks. The V-belt makes the surface smaller and smoother.It takes 4-5 weeks to see noticeable results.NOTE: When the product is not working, the product needs to be charged.

【Your Satisfaction Guarantee】 We strive to provide you with the highest quality product and the best customer experience. If you have any question with the item, please feel free contact us, we will reply within 24 hours.



Material: ABS

Color: white

Size: 17.8*10.6*4.9cm

Weight: 392g

Charging Voltage: 3.7-5V

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